Sen. Bongbong Marcos strongly believes in tourism as an instrument for economic growth.

One of his achievements as Governor of Ilocos Norte was making the province a major tourist destination not only for local but also for international tourists. This was achieved through infrastructure development as well as constant marketing, with then-Governor Marcos personally making visits to China, where he forged a Sisterhood Agreement with Shandong Province specifically to increase the number of Chinese tourists to Ilocos Norte.

He believes that increased public spending and strategic investments in tourism development and promotion will result in long-term benefits, especially in terms of job generation and increased income for local governments.

The windmills of Bangui, for instance, built under Marcos’s leadership, are now regarded as a tourist attraction, aside from being an alternative source of energy.

Believing that infrastructure development is integral to tourism development, Senator Marcos has filed Senate Bill No. 3201, “An Act Creating the Laoag International Port Authority”. This bill recognizes that the Laoag International Airport is the only international airport in Northern Luzon and therefore vests the Port Authority with sufficient powers to accelerate its development into a world-class facility. It hopes to encourage direct flights to Laoag, resulting in an increased number of visitors from China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.