Senate Bill No. 2572: Red Cross and Other Emblems Act 2010

This bill seeks to define the use and protection of the Red Cross, Red Crescent, Red Crystal and Red Lion and Sun Emblem as recognized emblems to protect humanitarian workers, vehicles and medical facilities in times of armed conflict. This bill proposes that under the control of the Department of National Defense, the medical service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines shall, both in peacetime and during armed conflict, use the Red Cross to identify its medical personnel, medical units and transports on the ground, sea and air. The Department of Health shall authorize the marking of the Red Cross emblem used as a protective device in time of armed conflict, in consultation with the Philippine Red Cross.

Date filed: 28 October 2010
Author: Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr.
Status: Pending in the Committee 08 November 2010

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