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Week 99: May 21 - 27, 2018

On 23 May 2018, BBM received a Notice from the COMELEC regarding the on-going election protest of Tan vs. Hataman.

In the said Notice, the COMELEC resolved to :

1. Note the Letter from the SET confirming the recount proceedings on May 28 to 30, 2018;

2. Note the Letter from the HRET confirming the recount proceedings on May 31 to June 1, 2018;

3. Create four (4) Committees to conduct the recount proceedings for the pilot protested precincts;

4. Direct the Recount Committees to proceed to the SET and the HRET on the above-mentioned dates and complete the recount with dispatch. Each committee shall finish two (2) ballot boxes a day;

5. Direct the parties to send their respective revisors to the recount proceedings;

6. Direct the parties’ counsel of record to make sure that their revisors are punctual;

7. Remind the parties that only those wearing the proper ID Cards will be allowed entry to the revision area;

8. Inform the parties about the honorarium and meal allowance of various personnel;

9. Inform the parties of the security arrangements during the said recount;

10. Direct the protestant to coordinate with the respective tribunals regarding the miscellaneous expenses that will be incurred during the recount proceedings.

(click here to see the 23 May 2018 Notice from the COMELEC)

On 25 May 2018, BBM filed his Comment / Opposition to the COMELEC’s request that they be allowed to clone or back up the Election Management System Servers (EMS) used during the May 2016 elections.

BBM argued that since the EMS Servers are considered the core and/or brain in an automated election, tampering with the same would automatically erase any and all traces of “footprints” which were stored in the system. This is precisely why the PET issued a Precautionary Protection Order (PPO)-- in order to safeguard the contents of the servers.

The question that needs to be raised, according to BBM, is “why would the COMELEC want to erase the information contained in the EMS?”

(click here to see the 25 May 2018 Comment / Opposition from BBM)

After 99 weeks (or roughly 697 days), the PET:

• is manually recounting the votes for Camarines Sur.
[per undertaking # 11 of 21]

After Camarines Sur, the remaining two (2) “pilot province” are Iloilo & Negros Oriental.