Week 30: January 23 - 29, 2017

Today marks WEEK 30 of BBM’s election protest.

216 days have passed since BBM filed his election protest on 29 June 2016.

On 26 January 2017, BBM filed an Ex-Parte Motion to Set[the]Case for Preliminary Conference with the PET. He asked the High Tribunal to schedule a preliminary conference for his election protest since, under Rule 29 of A.M. No. 10-4-29-SC of the 2010 PET Rules, the issues in this case had already been joined and the last pleading in relation to the said joinder was filed and served over 4 months ago - - on 9 September 2016.

(click here to see the 9 September 2016 pleading filed by BBM)
(click here to see the 26 January 2017 Ex-Parte Motion of BBM)

As of this date, we are waiting for the PET :

• to issue a Retrieval Order [per undertaking # 7 of 21] and
• to issue a Notice of Preliminary Conference [per undertaking # 8 of 21]