Week 12: September 19 – 25, 2016

On 19 September 2016, Robredo filed a Manifestation with Urgent Ex-Parte Motion to expunge BBM’s Answer to her Counter-Protest. Robredo now claims that BBM’s Answer should be expunged from the records because the same was not verified.

On 20 September 2016, BBM filed a Manifestation with Motion to Admit Attached Verification.

BBM clarified that his Answer to the Counter-Protest was filed ad cautelam – meaning, it was filed as a precautionary measure to preserve this legal remedy in case his Motion to strike out or expunge Robredo’s Answer was denied by the PET.

BBM explained that although he was not able to formally execute a Verification for his Answer Ad Cautelam to the Counter-Protest because he was out of the country from 25 August 2016 to 13 September 2016 to attend to some personal matters, he made sure that he read the contents of his Motion to strike out or expunge Robredo’s Answer before the same was filed on 9 September 2016. He also affirmed that the allegations contained therein are true and correct based on his own personal knowledge and/or the authenticated records of the case.