ZamboTimes - Marcos bats for inclusion of hybrid seed distribution in calamity-hit agree areas

11 December 2013

By Jigs Nepomuceno | Zambotimes

zamboTIMESMANILA — Sen. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. on Tuesday batted to include the distribution of hybrid seeds to farmers as part of rehabilitating agricultural lands affected by recent calamities.

Marcos, in a statement, reiterated the need for a program for agricultural productivity and stability and sought for farmers' easy and quick access to hybrid seeds for planting.

He renewed his call for the enactment of "The National Seeds Production Act of 2013" (SB No. 112) which sought for the establishment of a national program for production of quality hybrid seeds.

"The establishment of a seeds production program will greatly enhance farm productivity by providing the farmers with quality, hybrid and affordable seeds, as well as the needed technical and other support services," he said.

Marcos proposed an initial P6-billion budget for the measure, which will be incorporated in the annual budget of the DA, and thereafter the amount necessary to carry out its implementation will be incorporated in the nation budget of 2014.

The senator issued the statement following the Senate approval of the P8-billion outlay for repair and rehabilitation of irrigation systems nationwide, especially in disaster-hit areas to jump-start farming.

Under Marcos’ bill, the Dept. of Agriculture (DA), through the Bureau of Plants and Industry, will execute the program and supervise, coordinate, and monitor the the implementation at the national and local level.