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Zamboanga Times - Marcos files Senate bill upgrading salary of public school teacher

In The News
4 February 2012

By Zamboanga Times

zamboTIMESMANILA — Recognizing the sacrifices of the country's public school teachers to ensure quality education, Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. has filed a bill which aims to upgrade the minimum salary grade of public school teachers from Salary Grade 11 to 15.

Known as "The Public School Teachers’ Salary Upgrading Act," Senate Bill No. 3106 shall cover all the public school teachers in the elementary and secondary level, whether nationally or locally funded, including those in technical and vocational schools and state universities and colleges.

”While the Department of Education continuously receives the largest share in the national budget of the country, and that we often proclaim and acknowledge the sacrifices of our teachers, as well as their contribution to the national development, the minimum salary of our public school teachers remains incomparable with the salary of other professions,” Marcos said.

”Worst, most are in the borderline of the poverty threshold. Our school teachers are the active partners of the State in ensuring quality education for our children. Our explanation that they are victims of their own numbers has been an adage that should have wind out by the passage of time,” he added.

The initial funding of the proposed measure shall be sourced from the savings of the executive branch of the government and “other possible sources that may be determined by the Office of the President.”

”Subsequent funds needed shall be included in the General Appropriations Act for the year following the implementation of this Act,” Marcos explained in his bill. (PNA)