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Youth Vote Key to Winning in May 2010 Election

Press Releases
16 February 2010

MALOLOS, BULACAN – Nacionalista Party (NP) senatorial candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. yesterday said that winning in the upcoming May 2010 polls will likely hinge on the support of the youth sector.

In his message to the students here, he said: “The youth sector comprises up to 55% percent of the voting population. If only this sector will give a good voting turnout in the elections, candidates who appeal to them can be assured of a win,”.

Bongbong also stressed the need for the youth to actively participate in the 2010 polls. “The first thing that young voters should do is vote. Secondly, vote wisely otherwise you forfeit your right to complain with the quality of leadership that you get,” Bongbong added.

“It is important that the voice of the youth be heard in the upcoming elections. The issues that they face on a daily basis are very real and need immediate action. And it pains me to see that some of the leaders we have today only give lip service as a solution,” Bongbong added.

“The leaders that you choose today, will determine the kind of job market and economic conditions that you will meet once you get out of campus, this fact makes it extremely important to choose the best among the lot”

BSU has a student population of 29,000 and the lowest tuition fee among state universities in the country.