Yahoo News - Sen. Bongbong Marcos 'disappointed' by Palace decision on his father's burial

13 October 2011

By Shielo Mendoza | Yahoo News

YAHOO_NEWSSenator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. is disappointed by President Benigno Aquino III’s decision to deny his father, the late former president Marcos a state burial.

“It is very hard to deal in good faith with somebody who does not have one word on the subject. Lahat ng diskusyon, pagaaral at pagdedebate ay zarzuela lang pala (It seems that all the discussions, studies, and debates were all for show),” Marcos said in an interview on Wednesday.

Aquino announced before foreign correspondents that there will never be a state burial for the toppled dictator under his administration despite recommendations from Vice President Jejomar Binay and resolutions from the House of Representatives which advice otherwise.

The president said that rendering honors for Marcos would be “the height of injustice” for human rights victims during the martial law era.

“Nagtataka ako bakit pa tayo pinag-aksaya ng panahon kung hindi naman talaga susundan yung mga rekomendasyon, pagaaral at resolusyon. Lahat naman iyon ay mukhang walang kabuluhan sa kaniyang pananaw at binasura lamang niya (I'm just surprised why so much time was wasted when, in the end, all the recommendations would be disregarded anyway. All the discussions have been rendered meaningless and he just trashed everything),” Marcos said.

The senator recalled that during Aquino’s campaign for presidency, he promised the people in Northern Luzon that he will consider giving the late president a state burial.

“Nakapag-decide na pala s'ya bago pa yung kampanya. Sinabi lang niya iyon para makakuha ng boto. Hindi s'ya tapat (He had already made his decision before the presidential campaign. He just said that back then so he could get votes. He's not true to his word),” Marcos said.

He added that with Aquino’s move, the president has wasted a very good opportunity to unify the nation.

“Ang trabaho ng presidente ay hindi makipaglaro sa partisan politics kung hindi ipagkaisa ang ating bayan (The president shouldn't be dabbling in partisan politics, he should unite the nation). Obviously, he does not want to heal those divisions. He wants to widen those divisions. That’s why we come to the conclusion that he is not a natural leader,” the senator said.

“It was play acting on the president’s part and I was very disappointed. We cannot count on our president to have one word, and to exercise and exhibit leadership in unifying our country.” Marcos said.