Washington Examiner - Trump lawyer Sidney Powell claims Venezuelan whistleblower warned Smartmatic can change votes without detection

18 November 2020

By Anthony Leonardi | Washington Examiner

Sidney Powell, a lawyer for President Trump's election legal team, claims to have evidence of significant vulnerabilities in voting systems.

Throughout the week, Powell has appeared on multiple television shows to discuss why the Trump team is voicing concerns about the integrity of the 2020 election. She has targeted two specific voting machine companies, Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, which have denied an array of allegations about "rigging" the contest. Trump allies have said that Smartmatic owns Dominion, but there is no evidence a partnership exists between the two. Both companies say they do not collaborate with each other in any way.

Still, Powell, a former federal prosecutor who is also the lead attorney for retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn in a case about lying to the FBI, has gone to great lengths to challenge the companies' reliability. She appeared on Fox Business host Lou Dobbs's show on Monday to reveal how a Venezuelan "whistleblower," who she says was a high-ranking military official once close to Hugo Chavez who now lives in the United States, claimed in an affidavit that Smartmatic software had the capability to change votes clandestinely.

"From the affidavit: 'designed in a way the system could change the vote of each voter without being detected. He wanted the software itself to function in such a manner that if the voter were to place their thumbprint or fingerprint on a scanner, then the thumbprint would be tied to a record of the voter's name and identity as having voted, but that voter would not be tracked to the changed vote. He made it clear that the system would have to be set but not leave any evidence to the changed vote for a specific voter and that there would be no evidence to show and nothing to contradict that the name or thumbprint was going with a changed vote. Smartmatic agreed to create such a system and produce the software and hardware that accomplished the result for President Chavez," Powell said to Dobbs, quoting the affidavit.

According to Powell, the whistleblower cites multiple instances where the Smartmatic software was used in Venezuela to help the socialist former President Hugo Chavez win elections in 2006 and 2013.

Smartmatic stresses on a fact-check page on its website that "no" it is not a Venezuelan company. It was founded and incorporated in the U.S. and is now has its headquarters in the U.S. The page also says, "Smartmatic has no ties to governments or political parties of any country."

In a statement to the Washington Examiner, Smartmatic spokeswoman Samira Saba said, "Smartmatic has registered and counted nearly 5 billion auditable votes without a single spoiled vote or security breach. We designed our technology to enable all election stakeholders audit the entire process. All audits conducted to elections in which our technology was employed proved the integrity of results."

"Furthermore, elections conducted with Smartmatic technology have been validated by world-renowned institutions such as the Carter Center, the United Nations, the Organization of American States, and the European Union. All claims about the integrity of the system or the accuracy of the results have been dismissed," the statement continues.

According to Saba, no Smartmatic software was used in any county in the 2020 elections other than Los Angeles County in California. "Smartmatic hardware or software was not used in any U.S. county for the 2020 election, other than Los Angeles County. For the 2020 US elections, Smartmatic did not sell or provide, directly or indirectly, any type of election solution to any county other than Los Angeles," Saba said.

During a Tuesday appearance on the Newsmax show Greg Kelly Reports, Powell claimed that the founder of Dominion Voting Systems publicly admitted he could change a million votes with "no problem at all."

"We've got the evidence from the own mouths of the guy who founded the company. I haven't even had a chance to get that out to the public yet. But they admit, the founder of the company admits he can change a million votes, no problem at all," Powell said.

"The founder of Dominion admitted, a long time ago? Recently to you? Tell us more, please," Kelly pressed.

Powell declined to give specific context about the video but told Kelly that she would tweet out the video and "tag him." As of 1 p.m. Wednesday, Powell has not tweeted any such video. The Washington Examiner reached out to Powell to see if she could provide additional details on her claim and if she'll release the video mentioned on social media.

Trump amplified an unsubstantiated One America News report that claimed Dominion voting systems "deleted" 2.7 million votes cast for him in the 2020 election. "REPORT: DOMINION DELETED 2.7 MILLION TRUMP VOTES NATIONWIDE. DATA ANALYSIS FINDS 221,000 PENNSYLVANIA VOTES SWITCHED FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP TO BIDEN. 941,000 TRUMP VOTES DELETED. STATES USING DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS SWITCHED 435,000 VOTES FROM TRUMP TO BIDEN," Trump tweeted. In a statement, Dominion said it "categorically denies false assertions about vote switching and software issues with our voting systems."

Among other stories he has shared with his massive Twitter following to raise concerns about Dominion was a Washington Examiner report on how in December 2019, Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Ron Wyden were signatories on a letter that cited reports of machines “switching votes,” “undisclosed vulnerabilities,” and “improbable” results that “threaten the integrity of our elections.”

An election security group, which includes the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, said last week in a statement that there is "no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised," contrary to Trump's claims that the election was "rigged" in favor of President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump has repeatedly cast doubt on the results of the election, implying accusations of voter fraud. "The Radical Left Democrats, working with their partner, the Fake News Media, are trying to STEAL this Election. We won’t let them!" Trump tweeted Monday. His campaign has filed a litany of lawsuits in battleground states, but most challenges have been unsuccessful so far.

The president announced in a pair of tweets on Tuesday night that he fired Chris Krebs, who served as the director of CISA, saying that the statement released by CISA last week was "highly inaccurate." Krebs's second-in-command, Matt Travis, also reportedly resigned under pressure, leaving career CISA official Brandon Wales to be acting director.