Tricycle Driver Inspires Bongbong Marcos

15 March 2010

CABANATUAN CITY – Bongbong Marcos finds inspiration on little things.

Thousands of people gathered to watch the sortie of the Nacionalista Party on Sunday, but one man stands out on Bongbong’s mind.

“A tricycle driver approached me while I’m on my way to town plaza,” Bongbong said. “That’s the kind of people who needs our help badly.”

The man told Bongbong that he will vote for him in the coming national election.

“A gesture like that inspires me to vigorously pursue my plans,” said Bongbong.

The Ilocos Norte representative always finds time to mingle with the masses during sorties.

“The common people are the reason why I’m trying to win a seat in the Senate. I want to be their voice there.”