Transcript of Speech of former Senator Bongbong Marcos during the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani

18 November 2016

It was my father's fervent wish that when he came to the end of his days, that he be buried in a simple soldier's ceremony. This was in keeping with his idea that he was but a soldier doing his duty, a citizen serving his country.

We have waited 27 years to fulfill that wish that he left us with. But we are here today and we are able to grant him that wish. In keeping with his desires, we will keep this ceremony simple and it is left to the family and I speak in their behalf, on behalf of the Marcos family, to thank all those who actually helped and made this day a reality.

We thank President Rodrigo Duterte for his recognition of my father's service to the nation. We thank all the members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines who have here come to pay their last respects to their former Commander-in-Chief. We thank all the members of the Philippine National Police for the support that they have given us in this ceremony that we are having today. And to the Filipino people for their continuing support of my father's dream of unity and progress for our country.

So let today be the first day amongst many days, and months, and years of our continuing to work for the unity and the progress of our country.

Let us be the heroes that my father asked us all to be and finally bring the Filipino nation together and finally bring the Filipinos to greatness.