The Philippine Star : Who's who: The Marcos Cabinet

By Kristine Joy Patag | The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines — Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr., presumptive president-elect, may have won the 2022 national polls with a historic majority vote but investors and the public are jittery despite his mandate of more than 31 million votes.

Transitions between administrations are common and the Marcos team said they have been hard at work preparing for it by mapping out priority areas. Among those areas is picking competent members for Marcos' economic team, which will be facing the most difficult task of reviving the economy.

"I continue to be guided by competence and willingness to work with the next admin, so we have removed immediately about their political leanings have been," Marcos, who had been sparing in the details of his platform of governance, said on May 11.

The president-in-waiting has asked for a few more days to complete his Cabinet, but so far, the following have accepted their nominations:

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