The Philippine Star - Palace: ARMM isn't responsible enough

12 June 2011

By Federico D. Pascual Jr. | The Philippine Star

Phil-Star-federico-pascualFORCING THROUGH:With the swift approval by both chambers of the Congress of the bill postponing the August election in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, one is wont to ask if the solons’ votes were guided by their personal interest or the wishes of their constituents.

Consultations in the ARMM had shown the overwhelming objection of the local folk to the postponement and the plan of President Noynoy Aquino to appoint officers-in-charge in place of the officials whose term expires in August.

Cabinet big guns from Manila who attended the consultation acted and talked like they were forcing on the crowd Malacañang’s thinking and agenda instead of gauging the sentiments of the ARMM population.

It appears at this point that only the Supreme Court’s slapping down the postponement as unconstitutional will abort the dark plan of the Liberal Party to install its own people in the area in preparation for the 2013 and 2016 elections.

DUPLICITY: The reason given for the postponement is that the voters’ lists are not reliable and that ARMM leaders and residents, who must first undergo reform and enlightenment, cannot be trusted to exercise their right to vote and decide their own fate.

If such is the rationale of the postponement, then elections in all regions should be postponed indefinitely since 99.99 percent of voters’ lists are unreliable and all political units have shown signs of political immaturity and administrative lapses.

As Bongbong Marcos and Nene Pimentel have noted, there is duplicity when, after granting autonomy to the ARMM, imperial Manila comes back to say that the people there are not mature enough to elect their own officials and so Malacañang will just assign the officials of its choice.