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The Manila Times : Vote Pilipinas teams up with Comelec to mobilize Filipinos to register and vote in 2022 national and local elections.

News & Interviews
18 May 2021

By The Manila Times

With the goal of getting 7M new registered voters, and staying true to the campaign’s objective of leveraging on technology in providing people accessible, simplified, and unbiased information, and data on voter registration; the Voter Registration Month launch happened on Sunday, May 9. This event featured an interviews with Comelec representatives, corporate partners, the academe, and community representatives. There will also be a special performance and live question and answer with the audience. The event aims to redefine what it means to be a responsible voter by motivating them to encourage their communities (families, friends, & colleagues) to register to vote.

Through this program, Vote Pilipinas with the help of Comelec and various partner sectors, will showcase a Mobilization Program, an efficient and effective way to help ensure that your community will be 100 percent registered to vote.

Everyone is invited so make sure to check it out, share it with your friends, register and stay informed. Don’t forget to use the hashtags: #VotePilipinas #MagpaRehistroKa #ParaSaBayan

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Vote Pilipinas is a non-profit, non-partisan online and offline information campaign aimed at mobilizing Filipinos to register to vote for the upcoming national and local 2022 elections.

We believe that every Filipino should be afforded the right to suffrage. You have a right to register, to access understandable information about their candidates, and most especially, You have the right to vote.

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