The Manila Times : Sara backers choose BBM – expert

28 October 2021

By Kaithreen Cruz and Catherine S. Valente | The Manila Times

Former senator and presidential aspirant Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.s' topping the PUBLiCUS Asia Inc. survey could be attributed to the people's desire for continuity or departure from the current form of governance, a data scientist said.

PUBLiCUS data scientist Dr. David Yap explained that this became more apparent after Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio decided not to run for president.

"Based on our data, it would seem that many of her supporters, at present, are choosing former senator Marcos," said Yap.

"With a noticeable absence of Mayor Sara Duterte in the roster of presidential candidates, at least at this point in time, it stands to reason that those who would have voted for her and in passing for continuity would choose former senator Ferdinand 'Bongbong" Marcos Jr. who is viewed by many to be aligned with President [Rodrigo Duterte]," he added.

Yap said he is not at liberty to disclose the number of respondents who wants Duterte-Caprio to run for president.

In the Pahayag Second Quarter survey of PUBLiCUS, Duterte-Carpio was the frontrunner with 20.8 percent followed by Marcos at 17.8 percent, whereas Marcos posted a 28 percent lead against Vice President Maria Leonor "Leni" Robredo at 49.3 percent in the third quarter survey results.

Yap added that supporters of the administration were not entirely keen on backing the candidacy of Manila Mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" Domagoso.

"There are some [respondents choosing Domagoso] but not as much as for former senator Marcos. … While I cannot speak for 100 percent of our respondents, it would appear that given his current numbers, [him being perceived as a continuity candidate] that does not seem to be the case because he's polling at 10 percent — either he's being crowded out by Marcos in that sort of niche or he's not viewed as a continuity candidate," he said, noting the few instances in the past months wherein the Manila Mayor engaged in publicized arguments with Duterte.

"In that sense, there would be this sort of distancing from that sort of branding — is he a continuity candidate if he's going against President Duterte? It's the closeness of the branding or affinity," he explained.

The next Pahayag survey will be conducted in December, with results to be posted in January. It is expected to include the complete list of candidates for the 2022 polls, taking into account possible substitutions by November.

Not running for VP either

Duterte-Carpio on Wednesday denied she would be Marcos' running mate after Ramon Tulfo's October 26 column in The Philippine STAR claimed she intends to do so.

The mayor hit Tulfo for claiming that she will run alongside Marcos to "upset" Sen. Christopher Lawrence "Bong" Go.

"Sa aking karera sa pulitika marami na ako nakasalamuha na lalaki na tulad ni Tulfo, 'yung paningin sa mga babae ay hindi nag-iisip at ibinabase ang galaw at pananalita sa nararamdaman lamang. Mga lalaking bastos at mapanghusga (In my years as a politician, I've encountered so many men like Tulfo, who think women don't think and base their actions and words solely on how they feel. These men are rude and judgmental)," she added.

Duterte-Carpio advised her supporters not to allow themselves to be disrespected due to age, gender or beliefs.

"Sa buhay ninyo, huwag 'nyo hayaan na kayo ay bastusin dahil sa edad, kasarian, o paniniwala. 'Wag 'nyo payagan na kayo ay Tulfohin (In your life, don't allow yourself to be treated badly because of your age, gender, or beliefs. Do not allow yourself to be be Tulfoed)," she said.

Duterte-Carpio said another "lie" in Tulfo's column was that she allegedly implied that even after getting elected senator, Go continued to be "servile" to her father and that there was nothing wrong with that.

Tulfo also claimed Duterte-Carpio implied that she and her siblings cannot go directly to the President without passing through Go, and that there is still bad blood between Duterte-Carpio and the President stemming from her parents' separation.

"Mr. Tulfo's article should be found not in any of the main pages of The Philippine STAR unless The Philippine STAR is a rumormonger publication or a tabloid that serves people like Mr. Tulfo," she said.

"Lastly, as the object of Mr. Tulfo's journalistic irresponsibility, courtesy of The Philippine STAR, I deserve an apology — however, I am not expecting it," Duterte-Carpio said.