The Manila Times : Restoring faith in bureaucracy vital to PH growth – Bongbong

13 November 2021

By Javier Joe Ismael | The Manila Times

FORMER senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. on Friday vowed to restore the trust and confidence of Filipinos in the government bureaucracy should he be given the mandate to serve as president of the country.

Marcos, the standard-bearer of the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas in the May 2020 elections, said besides formulating and effectively implementing a post-pandemic plan, the country's recovery depends on how the people view the entire bureaucracy.

He added that the people's support would determine the success or failure of new policies.

"We will work hard to bring back the trust of our people in government and the bureaucracy since without their wholehearted support, not much will be accomplished. The country cannot afford to have animosity exist between public servants and our people. The failure or success of new policies in a post-pandemic environment will hinge on their support," Marcos said.

As of 2017, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) recorded 1,569,585 career service personnel included in the government's official roster.

Government workers make up five major subdivisions of the bureaucracy: national government agencies (NGAs), government-operated and -controlled corporations (GOCCs), state universities and colleges (SUCs), local water districts (LWDs) and local government units (LGUs).

The CSC record also shows that the NGAs have the largest share of career service personnel, with 1,146,337, representing 73 percent of the total number of career service personnel from all major subdivisions.

"Throughout this pandemic, government workers were stretched to their limits. Most chose to work silently amid the threat of Covid-19 and remained unheralded for their contribution. As a public servant myself, I take offense at the negatively stereotyped view of government workers," Marcos said.