The Manila Times : Police won't allow rallies at National Museum on Marcos inauguration

By Franco Jose C. Baroña | The Manila Times

ALTHOUGH it is not prohibited to conduct any protest action on the inauguration of President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on June 30, the Manila Police District (MPD) said it will not allow any rallies around the National Museum which is the chosen venue for the swearing in of the new leader.

According to MPD spokesman Maj. Philipp Ines, around 4,000 policemen will be stationed around the National Museum on the day of the inauguration.

The MPD will also strictly monitor Plaza Miranda in Quiapo, Plaza Dilao in Paco, Plaza Moriones in Tondo and Liwasang Bonifacio in Ermita.

"There are four freedom parks here in Manila, they can express their views there. But if there will be vandalism of public facilities or obstruction of traffic

we will enforce the law," Maj. Ines said. "We always have someone on standby for that. We have the Civil Disturbance Management Team on standby so that in case we have a protest we won't lower our shield," he added.

Ines said the MPD will still strictly enforce maximum tolerance in case there are groups protesting in conjunction with Marcos' inauguration.

"We continue to ask protesters not to hold rallies in conjunction with activities such as the presidential inauguration when we expect heavy traffic. There are many other days to do so. We respect their freedom. But as we say freedom and rights have associated responsibilities, "

So far, the Manila Bureau of Permits has not yet received any request to hold a rally on the day of the inauguration.

The National Museum has also been closed to the public until July 5. The MPD is also continuously inspecting the building and areas around the museum to thoroughly study the security measures to be implemented. According to the police, they have not yet monitored any security threats, particularly in the city of Manila.