The Manila Times : 'No favors from Marcos despite support'

By Franco Jose C. Baroña | The Manila Times

KINGDOM of Jesus Christ (KJC), The Name Above Every Name, founder and Executive Pastor Apollo Quiboloy said he is not expecting anything in return for supporting the campaign of Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. He added that he endorsed the president-elect because his family has long been "avid loyalists."

"No, we don't expect anything like that ever since. Maybe I will be even the one who will help. If we see that it will be good for our country, our hearts are there to help in any kind for our nation-building. If they ask for our help, I will help even more but to ask for something in return because of my endorsement is not one of our principles," Quiboloy said during an exclusive one-on-one interview with The Manila Times Chairman and CEO Dante "Klink" Ang 2nd Friday night.

He said it is but natural that during the campaign, candidates would ask for his congregation's support.

"But what we do is we look at all the messages of all the candidates, then we voice our support," said Quiboloy. "But for me to put a price on our block vote, never."

He admitted that he endorsed Marcos because his parents were loyalists.

"My father was an avid loyalist of [President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.]… He was really hurt when [Marcos Sr.] was removed from office," Quiboloy said.

He said his father passionately disagreed with those who called President Marcos a dictator.

"That is my father's principle when people said that Marcos was a dictator, he said 'how can he be a dictator when Martial Law is in the Constitution. When [Marcos Sr.] saw that the country was in danger at that time. We were in danger of falling into the hands of the Communists, so he declared Martial Law and that is Constitutional so he made all the decrees as president under Martial Law,'" said Quiboloy.

Quiboloy said he considers Marcos Jr. as his good friend even before he became a senator.

"We are very good friends with Marcos; he always visits me in Davao. There are a lot of times when he came to Davao when he was a candidate for senator. We ate durian together with his sisters Imee, Irene and (brother-in-law) Greggy," he narrated. "He even went to the (Tamayong) Prayer Mountain (in Davao City) and he was impressed. He said 'this is how all congregations should be, you can really see where the money goes.'"

He said he supported both Marcos Jr. and Imee when both decided to run for senator.

"We are fond of the Marcoses like my father and mother, who are both really loyalists to them. I told (Marcos Jr.) this: 'My heart is with you, the heart of my family is with you.'"

Quiboloy said he also appreciated Marcos for joining presidential debates sponsored by SMNI network where he is the honorary chairman when all the other presidential contenders refused to do so.

"The others even insulted us. [But] Bongbong was always there, in the Deep Probe and the presidential debates," he said. "Even during the campaign sorties, he always asked us to cover them."