The Manila Times : Marcos to develop marine farming

By Kristina Maralit | The Manila Times

FORMER senator and presidential front-runner Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. vowed to develop and promote "mariculture" or marine farming to help fisherfolk recover from the coronavirus pandemic if he is elected president.

Marcos said he will lay down and execute plans to boost the agriculture sector to help the fisherfolk badly hit by the pandemic.

Mariculture or marine farming refers to the culture of finfish, shellfish, seaweeds and other commodities in cages, pens, stakes and rafts.

"We will develop one of the exciting areas of fisheries which is mariculture. That is already a very big market that's very profitable," Marcos said.

"Maraming potential diyan lalong-lalo na (There's a lot of potential there especially) we have more than 7,000 islands," he said.

Marcos said that government support is vital in the said program to sustain the productivity of fisherfolk.

"But all of these new techniques have to be developed and they have to be brought up to our farmers, our fishermen, our livestock raise. Lahat 'yan kailangan madala natin sa kanila, tapos kapag mag-start ng production, ay dapat may suporta din ang gobyerno (All of that, we must bring to them and when production starts, government support must be given)," he said.

He underscored the need to support the agriculture sector. Marcos said that one of the first things he will do as president is to bring down the cost of fertilizer and provide technical and material assistance to farmers.

The government will also boost the fishery sector by helping modernize fishing vessels.