The Manila Times : Marcos Jr., Katrina Ponce Enrile meet to fortify alliance

By Jan Escosio | The Manila Times

MANILA, Philippines — Cagayan Valley 1st District Congressional candidate Katrina Ponce Enrile met with presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Monday morning in what turned out to be an inspiring meeting with both expressing strong and continued support for one another’s candidacy.

The two local and national candidates have for so many years shared a strong bond of friendship and Monday’s timely meet up took place just as their election campaign winds down this week.

Ponce Enrile reminded her fellow Cagayano that the campaign period is almost over and the future of Cagayan Valley will be in the hands of Cagayano voters, whom she urged should choose the most deserving candidates whose priority is to look after the welfare and care of the present and future generation of people living in Cagayan.

Ponce Enrile together with Cagayan Valley vice gubernatorial candidate Perla Tumaliuan has vowed to continue promoting not only their campaign’s call for unity and progress but also their #AlagangKatrina and #AlagangPerla advocacies until the very last day of their grueling election campaign.

She ended her meeting with Marcos Jr. by thanking him for finding time to meet with her. She also hailed Marcos as the country’s next president.