The Manila Times - Let’s talk with China – Marcos

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10 November 2015

The Manila Times

maniila timesThe Philippine government should not abandon talks with China in its bid to resolve the maritime dispute that has festered for years, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said on Tuesday.

“I think we should continue the adjudication in the UN because this is an opportunity for the Philippines to make its case in an objective forum. It’s good development for the country,” Marcos said in an interview on DYAB Cebu Radio.

“The Philippines should take every opportunity to talk to the Chinese, whether it be formal or informal talks,” he added.

Marcos acknowledged the newfound willingness of the Chinese government to engage in talks with their Filipino counterparts on the basis of International Law is a productive development.

“For the first time, China agreed to discuss the issue within the framework of International Law,” he noted.

He cited the relations between Filipino and Chinese fishermen who used to trawl in harmony in disputed waters.

“They were together, they talked when they were resting, they ate together and then they would go fish again,” he said.