The Manila Times : JPE's daughter supports BBM-Sara

15 February 2022

By Leander C. Domingo | The Manila Times

KATRINA Ponce Enrile (KPE), daughter of former senate president Juan Ponce Enrile (JPE), has thrown her support to presidential candidate and former senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. and vice presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio of the BBM-Sara UniTeam for the May 2022 elections.

On Monday's celebration of her father's 98th birthday, the BBM-Sara UniTeam Cagayan headquarters' (HQ) inauguration in Tuguegarao City in Cagayan province, KPE confirmed her support for Marcos and Duterte.

During the BBM-Sara UniTeam HQ inauguration, JPE raised the hand of Marcos to reiterate his full support to the presidential candidate.

"I think Bongbong [Marcos] will get the majority of the votes here in Cagayan province and that is solid," KPE, who is also gunning for a congressional seat in Cagayan province's first district, said, adding that the Ilocanos will stick together for Marcos.

She said of the more than 600,000 voters in Cagayan, a solid vote will go to the BBM-Sara UniTeam not only in this province but also in the whole of Cagayan Valley and the neighboring province of Kalinga in the Cordillera Administrative Region.

Cagayan Valley (Region 2) comprises the vote-rich provinces of Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino and the island province of Batanes.

Running under the Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats (Lakas-CMD) party, KPE also said her team in Cagayan province will take charge of the campaign needs of the BBM-Sara UniTeam, including logistics. She said Marcos doesn't need to worry about the finances because their total support is certain, and that is all the way and without limit or reservation.

"It will be from our personal funds and we will take care of that," said KPE, who is a first-timer in politics.

She said that is natural because Marcos is not only her political ally but also a friend, noting that the support is not only for the former senator's Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP) but also for Lakas-CMD.

Meanwhile, KPE also admitted that she will be campaigning for Cagayan Gov. Manuel Mamba, who was considered a longtime enemy of her father.

In July 2016, during a flag ceremony, which was his first day of work as the new governor of Cagayan, Mamba ordered the demolition of a concrete bust many believed to be that of JPE.

Since 1984, the bust had been standing in front of the provincial capitol, but it was toppled by a pair of payloaders after Mamba ordered its demolition.

The bust was installed during the term of former governor Justiniano Cortez, supposedly as a tribute to JPE, who was the defense minister of Marcos' father, former President Ferdinand Marcos.

KPE then said the Enrile family did not even know that her father had a bust at the capitol, which she described as meaningless trappings of things that are not truly important in life.

"My father never marveled at such things ever in his life and is never comfortable with accolades of any sort," she said.

During the BBM-Sara HQ inauguration, Mamba was not in attendance.

"I cannot speak for him (Mamba) but from what I heard, he has not yet chosen his president, which perhaps is his reason he was not able to attend [inauguration] and that we shall have to wait until he has decided," she said.

According to KPE, Cagayan vice gubernatorial candidate Board Member Perla Tumaliuan, who is also the chairperson of Cagayan PFP, will support Mamba.