The Freeman : Ship owners back BBM-Sara tandem

19 April 2022

By The Freeman

CEBU, Philippines — The largest domestic shipping organization in the country has endorsed the presidential bid of former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. and his runningmate, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

The Philippine Coastwise Shipping Association, Inc. (PCSA) believes that with Marcos and Duterte at the helm, the country’s domestic shipping industry is in good hands.

The members of PCSA board, in a meeting held recently, were in unison that Marcos and Duterte aspire for stronger, competitive, safe, efficient, and robust shipping industry in the country, which is a vital component in attaining inclusive growth and socio-economic progress.

PCSA is comprised of Filipino ship owners/operators with more than 700 ships serving thousands of passengers and transporting cargoes nationwide.

The PCSA said that it is their belief that the Marcos presidency will ensure the appointment of qualified and competent officials regulating the Maritime Industry, the port management and other government agencies concerned.

PCSA said that it is their understanding that both Marcos and Dutere have the qualifications and abilities to lead the country with their advocacy of unity. According to PCSA, this is not the time to look back but to look forward to a brighter maritime future for our country.

The association said that they are full of hope for the future because of the goodwill, concern, and commitment of Marcos-Duterte tandem to ensure critical reforms in an industry that has yet to achieve its full potentials.

“Our pledge of support is backed by genuine hope that we will take a step forward toward a society of meritocracy, fairness and economic security, which the BBM-Sara tandem has promised,” the statement reads.

The PCSA fleet covers short, medium and long haul routes and prides itself as the main transporter of goods in the logistic chain and the primary operator of Roll- on/Roll-off ships in the Strong Republic Nautical Highway. — FPL (FREEMAN)