The Freeman : EDITORIAL - Don’t take it as an insult

30 October 2021

By The Freeman

Recently a group of people supporting the presidential candidacy of Vice President Leni Robredo cried foul over what they claimed was a gross underestimation of the abilities of their candidate.

During a radio program, Imee Marcos, the sister of former senator Bongbong Marcos, who is also running for president, was asked of her opinions of the other presidential aspirants. 

Imee Marcos chose “extraordinary housewife” and someone to “never underestimate”.

But one group saw malice in Marcos’ words.

"It is an attack not to our presidentiable but to every woman --mother, daughter, and sister-- who bears the heaviest responsibility to take care of the family,” came the statement by a group called Dapat si Leni.

We do not presume to know what Marcos was implying, but for us, being called a housewife, and an extraordinary one at that, is definitely no insult.

The term “housewife” may have at one time meant just that; a woman who minds the house. However, we all know it now has more meaning than that and that the role of the so-called housewife has expanded dramatically.

It is the housewife who essentially keeps a household together, tending to the needs that can’t exactly be provided for by money or by other members of the family.

It is usually the housewife who nurtures the values that make a family, not the husband.

In many instances the housewife may even actually be the breadwinner of the family and not just the one who stays at home while the husband works.

Being a housewife is challenging enough, much more so during this time of the pandemic when resources may be in short supply and stressors are more frequent than opportunities to bring people together.

It is not an insult to be called a housewife. As a mother and a homemaker herself, it is also unlikely Marcos meant it that way.

However, if the group insists on taking offense, then perhaps they should make it a rallying cry, extolling the virtues of a housewife and putting them in the context of their candidate.

Of course, if they think being a called a housewife is really an insult, then perhaps this group doesn’t really appreciate the value of one after all.