The Daily Tribune - AFP: Coup talks baseless

27 October 2011

By Mario J. Mallari, Angie M. Rosales and Virgilio Bugaoisan | The Daily Tribune

The-Daily-TribuneThe Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) yesterday quickly branded as “baseless” the reported brewing coup plot against the administration due to the reported demoralization in the military ranks following the “weak” position taken by President Aquino against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

The AFP leadership, however, failed to explain why it claims that the brewing coup plot is without basis when it was Malacañang that had started the coup talks with its statement on “efforts” by an unidentified group to destabilize the Aquino government.

Opposition Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos , Jr., on the other hand said Aquino’s governance style is to blame for the reported growing restlessness and demoralization within the AFP ranks.

“Like I have always said, the President who heads government is not a true leader. All this trouble is his own doing and he has no one to blame but himself,” Marcos noted.

Marcos added that “the disgruntled soldiers are aware that their supposed Commander in Chief does not understand his responsibilities toward the soldiers that endure the suffering and face death to protect our sovereignty.”

“Noynoy has only himself to blame for whatever ill feelings these brave soldiers have toward him because they feel that not only is he not supporting and leading them but he treats them with disdain and arrogance,” he emphasized.

“Our soldiers do not want a war where civilian casualties will come as a result. They want to fight the armed enemies of the State that continue to ambush them and kill them. They want to hear their Commander in Chief commit to avenging the deaths of their fellow soldiers by running after the killers,” he added.

“History has shown us that sometimes, unfortunately, peace is won by demonstrating that there is a heavy price to be paid by those who insist on war,” Marcos said. “Our soldiers are being killed. We must avenge the murder of our military men decisively, and as swiftly as possible.