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Take on EDSA a Quarter of a Century Ago

Press Releases
22 February 2011

Was at a committee hearing this morning and was followed by media who wanted my reaction on the EDSA 25th yr celebration. What happened then, a quarter of a century ago, was an abrupt change of power after twenty years of President Marcos at the helm. That in itself serves as a milestone and fortunately, it was done without bloodshed unlike what we are seeing in other parts of the world today, the Middle-East and North Africa in particular. But in remembering those February days 2 1/2 decades ago, we should also look at the 25 years that followed and understand what happened all those years and what the results have been. Has poverty been alleviated or exacerbated? Have we in place a better educational system of higher quality? Has corruption been curtailed, reduced, or limited? What about the environment -- the air we breathe, our rivers and lakes, our forests? Crime? Insurgency? In answering these and other questions, we can arrive at an understanding of what really took place the last 25 years and from there, move on and unite in bringing this country forward.

We are a new generation in positions of influence, both in government and in the private sector. This is a new opportunity to get things right this time and bring the much needed progress to our country. I will resist pointing fingers at this or that administration of the last quarter of a century for the seeming stagnation we find ourselves in. I would rather take a pro-active stance and see how in my role as legislator, a position equivalent to a covenant with the people that elected me, I can contribute in making a better life for all Filipinos.

It is wise and prudent to look back and remember, but we cannot afford to get stuck in or, burdened by, our past. We have plenty of talent among our people waiting to be harnessed and if we all look forward and act in unison, we can get to where we want to even sooner than we think. Let's stop short-changing ourselves and begin the move forward.