Sun Star - Marcos: SK needs reform, not abolition

In The News
5 September 2014

By Alyssa C. Clenuar | Sun Star Cagayan de Oro

SunStarCDOSENATOR Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. still sees hope in the youth to save the nation by not abolishing the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) but reforming it instead.

During his visit to the Mindanao State University-Naawan campus in Naawan, Misamis Oriental Thursday, Marcos expressed his support to the retention of the SK, but that it definitely needs an overhaul in its structure, scope and function, and pointing out his proposed three modifications.

“I think we should not forget that the youth is the prime receiver of whatever the adult ones are working on now. We should not forget that they are important in the society thus their right to be heard. Hindi pwede mawalan ng boses ang mga kabataan (The youth should not lose their voice),” Marcos said.

“The youth is the biggest sector in the country or even the world, today. Their needs are different from the adults, some of which can be addressed by the youth themselves if they are only heard. And, the youth, being the beneficiary of the hard work we are doing today, should be trained by adults since in the future, they will be the ones who will lead this country,” he said.

It can be recalled that there are moves from the legislators who want to abolish the SK for good, however, Marcos believes that there are some inclusions in the SK that are unnecessary, hence, the need to modify without doing away with it altogether.

“Palitan siguro natin ang SK by putting up a council instead, where different sectors are to participate. We create the Local Youth Development Council in the municipal, city and provincial levels,” he furthered.

He suggested that different nongovernment organizations (NGOs), associations, the out-of-school youth sector and other organizations participate in the council to help and continuously guide the youth in “achieving good governance.”

Karlo Maña, a student, agrees with the proposed bill since he saw the SK in their community not functioning properly, and that it did not address the needs of the youth.

“I saw them working like ‘dirty’ politicians instead of establishing good governance. I lost my trust in them and the whole concept of SK itself,” Maña said.

The proposed bill to amend the SK is also lobbied by Misamis Oriental second district Representative Juliette Uy.