Statement on report about declaration of presidential bid in Pangasinan

Press Releases
24 September 2015

There is no truth to reports I would announce my candidacy in Pangasinan this weekend. I have been hearing so many dates of my supposed declaration of my plans for 2016.

Unless you hear it directly from me, do not believe. As I said before, I believe these false advisories being spread by an unscrupulous group are intentional and meant to put my name in a bad light.

This is similar to an earlier allegation that I would declare my candidacy at the Philippine Arena last September 20. What made matters worse is that I received reports that people were promised money for their attendance in the event.

I had already issued an official statement to set the record straight that such report is simply untrue and that I have nothing to do with it. Apparently, this is not enough to dissuade the dirty tricks directed against me.

Let me reiterate: I have not authorized anyone to speak on my behalf regarding my plans for 2016. When I reach a decision on this matter, you will hear it not from anybody else but directly from me.

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