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Statement of Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., on 2nd Anniversary of Ampatuan Massacre

Press Releases
23 November 2011

The swiftness of the filing of charges against GMA and its related "contempt" of a Supreme Court TRO are issues being tackled by lawyers from all sides and those are interesting to observe and we all await the outcome. Today, however, is the 2nd anniversary of the gruesome Ampatuan massacre and it is important to urge government to speed up the delivery of justice so the guilty are sentenced and the families of the victims are given some solace even if the lives of their loved ones can never be brought back.

The administration should not be gloating at their success, questionable in its legality, in taking GMA to task in facing the charges against her, even if making her answerable to the charges is what we all want. A real victory of justice will be celebrated by all when the Ampatuan massacre cases are finally resolved by the courts. They should use the same amount -- if not more -- of energy, focus, and determination that they used in nailing GMA, in speeding up the cases of the Ampatuan massacre and give cause for the entire country to extoll the delivery of justice for the families of the victims and bring the guilty to jail to pay for this shameful and horrendous crime.