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Statement of Sen. Bongbong on Malacañang's "alternative truth" on Marwan's death

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14 September 2015

Who actually fired the shot that killed Marwan is a non-issue. What is important is that he has been neutralized and we have one less terrorist to worry about.

However, it pains me to hear that the Commander-in-Chief, who gave the green light to the SAF operation, has now put a cloud of doubt on the heroism and the ultimate sacrifice of the Fallen 44 who accomplished their mission against overwhelming odds.

The facts are established. The SAF went there on a mission sanctioned by the highest authorities to neutralize Marwan and his cohort Usman. The initial stage of the operation accomplished the first objective, and that is to neutralize Marwan. That means the SAF mission is a success, no matter how you look at it.

What is more important now is to give justice to the Fallen 44 and their families. This, for me, deserves to be the top priority of the government rather than seek an “alternative truth”.

From the start, I have urged the government to hear the cries of the family of the Fallen 44 for justice, which is the only thing they have been asking for. I will not stop until they get the justice they truly deserve.