Statement of Atty. Vic Rodriguez, spokesman of former Senator Bongbong Marcos, on the statement of Mrs. Leni Robredo pointing to the BBM camp as behind the "huge PR stunt" on the election protest

4 May 2018

Not satisfied in casting aspersions meant to undermine the integrity of the Tribunal and of the ongoing manual recount, Robredo is at it again, this time attacking and discrediting members of the press and dragging Senator Marcos in her desperate attempt to dilute all negative news affecting her in the election protest. We find it ironic and lamentable that Mrs. Robredo attacked the media on World Press Freedom Day. If her votes have indeed been substantially reduced, it is not because of BBM but of evidence of her cheating that have come out. At this moment, it would be best if she just follow our lead in observing silence, shut her mouth for lack of sensible matter to say and accord utmost respect to members of the media and the Tribunal's resolution on sub judice.