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Statement of Atty Vic Rodriguez, spokesman of former Sen. Bongbong Marcos, on the filing of Mrs. Leni Robredo of an MR on the 50 percent threshold of the PET

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19 April 2018

The election case was filed by BBM June of 2016 and since then jurisdiction of the case is with the PET and no other as provided by Article 8 of the Constitution. Since it is the Rules of the Tribunal that shall apply, her invocation of the 25% threshold rule is erroneous as it was made by the Comelec only on 6 September 2016, four months after the elections. It is an obvious ploy on the part of the Comelec, then led by the impeached chairman Andres Bautista, to favor Robredo once revision process starts.

Robredo should stop accusing the PET of systematically reducing her votes and casting aspersions meant to debase its integrity.