Statement of Atty. Vic Rodriguez, spokesman of former Senator Bongbong Marcos

4 February 2018

To clear the issue conclusively on the ballot images, undervotes and overvotes, we would like to challenge Mrs. Leni Robredo to sign a joint motion withdrawing all our outstanding motions so we could go straight to the recount.

We have been instructed by Senator Marcos to draft the joint motion and Senator Marcos is ready to sign it anytime. We are fervently hoping that Mrs. Robredo will do the same.

In so doing, we could hasten the process and go straight to the ballots. The ballots are the best evidence and we should just proceed with the recount.

Senator Marcos believes that an issue as fundamental as the conduct of an elections should not be be kept hanging for years on end. Unfortunately, in the vice presidential race, it has been almost two years and we have yet to see a single ballot.

Senator Marcos is not only doing this for himself but for the rest of the Filipino people who deserve to know the truth.

Let us open the ballots now and settle this issue once and for all. #####