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Speech of Sen. Bongbong Marcos-Oath taking ceremony of Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos

28 June 2013

First of all allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate all of those who have taken their oath again to return to their offices and to have been elected and have been given a new mandate by the people of Ilocos Norte.
We all know that all campaigns and elections are hard-fought and that is why these victories in the last 2013 elections are well-deserved. It is today that we, who are in public service, remind ourselves once again that public service is a public trust. And in that public trust has been bestowed upon our newly elected officials, that trust is given to you with the understanding that we who have elected you will now give you all the assistance, give you all the support that we can, but you must now lead your towns , your cities and your province.

When we look back upon the campaign that was, and look again upon the mandate that was given to these newly elected officials, it is clear that the people of Ilocos Norte have spoken. It is clear that they understand that the challenges that all public officials face are complex and numerous. It is clear also that any successes that any LGU and the province of Ilocos Norte may have enjoyed only came about because of the partnerships between many of the officials working together. It is not one single individual, it is not one single group, but the entire province working together for the betterment of our people’s welfare and of our beloved province.

And that is why if there is a message that we can take away from this last election that will be that the people want us to be unified, the people want us to be one, the people want us to work together in partnership, hand-in-hand, for the same dreams that they always have for Ilocos Norte, for the same dreams that they always have for the people of Ilocos Norte.

This what the people have said to us and this is the message that we must listen to. Because only in unity, only as one Ilocos Norte, only in that unity can we expect to bring the synergy that will be beyond the individual capabilities of all our public officials. Only then will we see our province and our towns and our cities thrive and progress beyond all our dreams. Only then will we know the success that maybe, that maybe, we had planned on but never imagined we would actually achieve.

That is the mandate that has been given you and that is the mandate that you carry with you for the next three years. And as we all have seen before, and as we will prove again, it is in unity that we will succeed, it is in unity that we will prosper, and it is unity that we must all strive for. Once again, congratulations to all our elected officials. I know that with this partnership, with this group that you have together, and with your partner in the Senate, that we will succeed and there is nothing that we can’t bring to our beloved Ilocos Norte. Thank you and good morning.