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Speech at the Unveiling of President Ferdinand Marcos Monument

12 September 2015

Thank you very much for being here today at the unveiling of this statue in the memory of my father. We, the Marcos family, are deeply touched and are very grateful to the people of Sarrat to this tribute that you have made to certainly a great man.

It seems that a statue is appropriate for a man, who in his lifetime of public service did so very much not for himself, not even for his family, not even for just his community, but for his entire country.

After all the trials and tribulations that our family has been through over the past few years now the tide has turned and people now know the truth about Ferdinand Marcos, the truth about what he had done, and the truth about how he loved his country, how he loved Ilocos Norte, and how he expressed that love in the service of a lifetime.
So, I’d like to thank all of you. Thank you very much for your expression of greetings to my father during his birthday, your expressions of remembrance---I thank you all very much.

I think my father is watching because he is playing with us. Do you remember Marcos weather? This looks a lot like Marcos weather. But I don’t think it will rain because there is a smile up there---there is a rainbow. And that’s why I feel the warmth of my father’s smile as we stand here today in commemoration of the unveiling of this statue, in commemoration of a public life, a public life led in the service of a noble cause—that of service to the Filipinos.

Thank you and good afternoon