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Senator Bongbong Marcos: The government must finally come up with national policy on issues involving population control and reproductive health to guide LGUs into unified action

Press Releases
19 January 2011

19-JAnuary-2011-health-guideAt the Senate hearing on the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) bill on 13 January 2011, Senator Bongbong Marcos said that the government should once and for all come up with the national policy regarding the issue of reproductive health, responsible parenthood and population control. The national policy that shall be passed and enshrined in a law shall be very crucial not only to address the present problems of the Philippine society, but also to meet international obligations under the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Senator Bongbong said that this expressed national policy, which shall both be authoritative and reflective of the needs and concerns of the entire Filipino people regardless of social status, religion or creed, shall then serve as the uniform mandate and the beacon light for all the local government units (LGUs) tasked on the ground or grassroots level–from the local teacher to the population officer and to the midwives–in addressing the social and economic problems in their particular localities. He also emphasized the importance of education, both for school students and for couples, in making known the state policy to the public.

The MDGs are international development goals that have been agreed upon and signed by all 192 UN member-nations to be achieved by year 2015. The MDGs hoped to be addressed by the RH bill are the reduction of child mortality rate (MDG 4), improvement of maternal health (MDG 5), and elimination of HIV/AIDS (MDG 6).