Sen. Marcos urges Senate to set aside politics, unite to seek justice for SAF 44

Press Releases
26 January 2016

Bersyon sa Filipino.

On the eve of the reopening of the Senate probe of the Mamasapano massacre, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. today urged the chamber to set aside politics and unite to bring justice to the 44 SAF (Special Action Force) commandos killed in the tragic incident.

In a privilege speech, Marcos stressed that Mamasapano is not a partisan issue as some people have insinuated.

He noted that the purpose of the Senate inquiry is not principally to find fault, but to gain understanding of the tragedy so that justice can be served and ensure the tragedy will not be repeated.

“On this issue, men and women of goodwill and generosity should be able to unite regardless of politics in order to find common ground in forging a way forward, and in creating a future that all can share,” he said.

He pointed out that despite the announcements of immediate action and investigation, our government has not moved forward in meeting the appeal for justice of the SAF 44 families that even the President himself admitted he is dismayed by the slow grind of the wheels of justice.

“What the nation feels is beyond dismay, beyond impatience, beyond just sadness but a loss of part of our humanity as Filipinos,” said Marcos.

“If this is how we treat those that have given their lives in defense of the country, what fate the ordinary citizen? What fate for those we love and care for in life?” he added.

He said no words nor can gesture assuage the pain of the families of the slain policemen.

“Only justice will bring that. Only justice will do,” he stressed.

Marcos stressed that the country cannot move forward to a brighter future if we are unable as a nation to give comfort and closure to the families of the SAF 44.

“We must move now and move quickly to bring them justice. It is nothing less than a defining moment for us as a nation,” he said.