Sen. Marcos urges anti-drug authorities to target big-time drug syndicates

24 October 2015

Bersyon sa Filipino.

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. today warned that the menace of illegal drugs would grow stronger unless authorities focus their attention on bringing down big-time drug syndicates operating in the country.

“Although we are now busy trying to help the victims of typhoon Lando, let us not forget about another ‘typhoon’ that may pose an even greater danger to our country and that is our problem on illegal drugs,” Marcos said.

Marcos cited the alarming report the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency recently submitted to the House of Representatives which showed 92.3 percent of the barangays in Metro Manila are affected by illegal drugs.

“Our law enforcers should target the big fishes, not the small fry,” Marcos said.

“We should also ensure that once arrested the big time drug lords won’t be able to continue their illegal activities, not unlike the reports we are hearing that drug lords manage to bring in cellphones, tablet computers and even guns in their cells,” he added.

Marcos said the government should provide law enforcers with adequate support to enable them to do their job.

In addition to providing funds and equipment to anti-drug agencies, Marcos said the government should also pursue the passage of laws that would give additional muscle in the fight against illegal drugs, such as the bill allowing wire-tapping in drug cases.

“We have passed such a bill in the Senate in 2013 but it was not enacted into law for lack of a counterpart measure in the House of Representatives. Recently, a House committee passed its own version so I hope it…we won’t wait long before it could be enacted into law,” Marcos said.

The menace of illegal drugs is one of the priority issues Marcos vowed to address if he wins as Vice President in the 2016 elections.