Sen. Marcos: Trust and cheers of the people boost my confidence

Press Releases
7 January 2016

Bersyon sa Filipino.

The people’s full trust and warm welcome showed and expressed through resounding cheers and genuine gestures of hospitality are constant confidence-boosters for Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr. in his Vice Presidential bid.

Marcos was very grateful to the people in the areas he has already visited who have expressed overwhelming support to his candidacy as he preferred “direct contact” meeting with and listening to the sentiments of the electorate.

“Talking to the people, face to face with the commoners, vendors, teachers, drivers, farmers, students, the labor sector and the jobless and all the other ordinary citizens gives me confidence that I am accepted to be their Vice President. I am deeply humbled,” he said in a statement.

Marcos has been going around to rally the people behind national unity soon after the highly divisive electoral exercise in the coming May polls is held.

“Unity will make our country strong and stable. Let us not allow ourselves to remain divided by partisan politics after we have already installed new leaders in our government,” he said.

In his public consultations, Marcos said works have to be done to eradicate illegal drugs proliferation, clean the bureaucracy of dishonest people, make the prices of commodities affordable, end poverty, make our streets and homes safe and secure, create jobs, and solve other problems.

“We cannot achieve these goals unless we work as one. Isang bansa, isang diwa, isang gawa. This is the mantra that we have to follow by heart for the country to be progressive,” he said.