Sen. Marcos cites achievements of barangay officials, vows to pursue passage of measures for barangay benefits

30 August 2013

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. has cited the officers and members of the Liga ng mga Barangay sa Pilipinas for their success in instituting reforms and transforming barangay units all over the country into a responsive and public service oriented units of the government.

Marcos made the recognition in his keynote speech during the “End Term General Assembly of the Liga ng Mga Barangay sa Pilipinas” held on Thursday(August 29, 2013) at the Century Park Hotel, Malate, Manila.

“Mga kasama sa Liga ng mga Barangay...I can honestly claim that you have shown marked improvement in your ability, although in varying degrees, to successfully advance reforms necessary to substantially improve and put in place the practice of good governance in your respective barangays including your key role in disaster preparedness in response to the vagaries of climate change,” he said.

The senator said the barangay officials’ efforts and successful upgrading and improvement of mechanisms of public service have proven that “indeed the barangay, as the smallest political unit in our government, could also become one of the more effective instruments for responsive local governance in a democratic system like ours.”

Among others, Marcos noted that in the past three years many barangays have duly internalized the practice of transparency, accountability and full disclosure which indeed helped in ensuring that government resources continue to be used responsibly and effectively.

Likewise, Marcos said many barangays have implemented programs such as training of newly elected officials and other skills development programs and that they have also shown a noticeable improvement in their ability and readiness to address their efforts towards disaster preparedness and response.

The senator said these gains, once again indicate the success of local autonomy in the context of improved local governance.

Marcos, chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Government, assured the delegates that he would work hard to expedite passage of proposed measures aimed at further enhancing the capabilities of barangays as well as uplifting the condition of barangay officials down to the tanods and volunteer workers.

“Let me reiterate my unwavering assurances to you all that we will expedite the passage of the proposed amendatory measures that are geared towards the enhancement of local governance in the barangay level,” he said.

One such measure which Marcos is now vigorously pushing is Senate Bill No. 12, filed at the start of the current 16th Congress, seeking to amend the Local Government Code of 1991.

The bill is aimed at giving benefits and incentives to barangay officials, additional monthly honoraria to barangay officials, insurance to barangay captains, and a package of benefits to barangay tanods and volunteer health and day care workers.

“Let me conclude by enjoining all of you to further expand the gains that have been made in barangay governance and for all of you to continue to be vigilant in ensuring the greater success of local autonomy, with increasing passion and commitment on your part as your vital share in nation-building,” he said.