Sen. Bongbong says some elements in the Malacañang-drafted BBL could disintegrate the country

5 June 2015

SENATOR Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr. expressed fear the present draft of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law given by Malacañang contained portions that might dismember the Filipinos as a nation.

Sen. Bongbong, Chair of the Senate Committee on Local Government, aired his concerned as he heard more doomed scenarios once the present flawed form of the BBL is wantonly passed without corrections.

During the panel’s public hearing last Wednesday, the mayor of the City of Koronadal, Peter B. Miguel, manifested his strong opposition to the inclusion of the city, the province of South Cotabato and the whole of Region 12 in the proposed Bangsamoro area on the ground that it might cause disintegration.

Sen. Bongbong agreed with Miguel and disclosed that there are parts in the draft BBL which might trigger disintegration of the Filipino people.

“There are certain elements of the BBL which we feel would tend to lead to that disintegration. Integration is what is desirous,” he said.

In asking to exclude his city from the Bangsamoro territory that would be established once the measure is enacted , Miguel said “despite our cultural and religious differences, it should not be a ground for our disintegration.”

After the hearing, Sen. Bongbong delivered a privilege speech stating his strong position that he could not support the Malacañang-drafted BBL as its flaws would only lead to more bloodshed, instead of achieving its goal of bringing lasting peace, in Mindanao.

“Unfortunately, the BBL in its present form and substance will not bring us any closer to peace. Instead, it will lead us to perdition. Armed conflict will ensue. Blood will be shed. And when blood is shed, it will not distinguish between right and wrong; between young and old, neither between men and women, nor soldiers or rebels, combatants and civilians, rich, poor, Muslims, Christians. Nobody wins. Everybody loses,” he said.

He added: “Mr. President, I repeat: I am for peace. I share our people’s thirst for peace. Pero napakarami pong mga masamang probisyon na napapaloob sa BBL at kung tatanggalin ko pong isa-isa, baka maski kahit anong retoke ang gawin, hindi makayang maibalik sa dating anyo ang BBL,” he said.