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Sen. Bongbong pays tribute to PNPA alumni among Fallen SAF 44

Press Releases
17 June 2015

Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. today paid tribute to six of the Philippine National Police Academy alumni who were among the 44 Special Action Force commandos killed in the tragic Mamasapano massacre.

“May they serve as shining example to the cadets undergoing their formation and training here at the Academy,” Sen. Bongbong said in his speech delivered at Camp Gen. Mariano Castaneda in Silang, Cavite during the incorporation rites for the B.S. Public Safety Class of 2019 of PNPA.

The six alumni include Sr. Insp. Ryan Ballesteros Pabalinas (class of 2006); Sr. Insp. John Garry Alcantara Erana (class of 2009); Sr. Insp. Max Jim Ramirez Tria (class of 2009); Sr. Insp. Gednat G. Tabdi (class of 2009); Sr. Insp. Cyrus Paleyan Anniban (class of 2010); and Insp. Rennie Tayrus (class of 2011).

“You will remain in our memory and the entire nation will forever be grateful to your heroism,” said Marcos who was adopted last year as honorary member of the PNPA “Tagapagbuklod” Class of 1989.

Sen. Bongbong reiterated his commitment to seek justice for the Fallen 44 and their families. Likewise, he vowed to find ways not only to give proper recognition to the police but also to improve their lot in life as well.

In his message to the new PNPA cadets, the Senator urged them to do their best and work hard to be the best person they could become inside the academy.

“The public deserves no less than the best. The public will look up to you and entrust their lives, limbs and property to you,” he said.

Sen. Bongbong noted that the PNPA Class 2019 entered the academy when the police force is beset by controversies, such as alleged corruption in the highest levels and the bungling of the Mamasapano operation, which not only tarnished its public image but also dragged down the morale within its ranks.

“In the face of all these, here you all are, having made a firm and wholehearted commitment to join our citizen's peacekeeping force, the PNP, at this most critical period,” he said.

The Senator also expressed admiration for the new cadets who entered the academy despite knowing full well the rigorous training they had to endure, as well as the loneliness of being away from their loved ones, to prepare themselves for the responsibility of protecting their fellow citizens.

“You all have made the right and worthwhile choice. In electing to join the ranks of the brave men and women of PNP, you are all heroes in the making!,” Sen. Bongbong said.