Sen. Bongbong Marcos supports discussions to strengthen the extension services of the agriculture and fisheries sector

15 December 2010

At the Senate Joint Committee hearing on 14 December 2010 on pending bills seeking to strengthen and systematize the extension services of the agriculture and fisheries sector of the country, Sen. Bongbong Marcos supported the deliberations and emphasized the need to establish an efficient framework wherein policies formulated by the national government would be effectively implemented by the local government units and its complementary units in the private sector.

Sen. Bongbong also expressed optimism that with the continuing deliberations and discussions on these bills, not only the wisdom of the bills can be evaluated, but also it can be determined which functions and tasks in the field of agriculture and fisheries could be best undertaken by national government and which could be devolved to the local level. “We are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel,” Sen. Bongbong Marcos said.

Senator Bongbong also underscored the importance of the State Colleges and Universities (SUCs) as part of the extension services network on the field of research and development. He said that if the SUCs were tapped properly and given pro-active roles, they could be of great help to the national agricultural and fisheries sectors.

Extension services mean units and personnel that take part in and contribute to the network of the public delivery system in the field of agriculture and fisheries, whether from the national and local governments, non-government organizations, or the private sector.

The network of the concerned sectors were well-represented at the senate hearing, with resource persons coming from the Department of Agriculture, UP Los Baños; Association of Colleges of Agriculture in the Philippines, Devolved Agriculturists of the Philippines, Inc., and the League of Cities of the Philippines.