Sen. Bongbong Marcos seeks salary hike for public teachers

27 February 2013

Public school teachers have found an ally in the person of Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. in their struggle for a higher salary.

This developed as Marcos vowed to spearhead a legislation that will raise the salary of public elementary and high schools teachers. The senator is readying a bill, to be filed in the coming 16th Congress, that will upgrade the present minimum Salary Grade 11 (SG-11) level of public school teachers in the elementary and secondary schools to SG-15 level.

SG-11 is equivalent to P18,549.00 monthly salary while SG-15 is equivalent to P24,887.00.

Aside from public elementary and secondary level teachers, whether nationally or locally funded, the proposal also covers mentors in technical and vocational schools, as well as in state universities and colleges.

Marcos noted that while the Department of Education continuously receives the largest share in the national budget, and that the teachers’ sacrifices are often proclaimed and acknowledged, their minimum salary remains incomparable with the salary of other professions, worst, most of them are in the borderline of the poverty threshold.

“Our school teachers are the active partners of the state in ensuring quality education for our children. Corollary, the state is constitutionally and socially obliged to ensure their economic well-being, among others,” he said.