Sen. Bongbong Marcos: On the Need to Look into the Remedial Measures Taken by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in Settling the Diplomatic Row between the Philippines and Taiwan over the Deportation of Taiwanese Nationals to China

14 February 2011

On 2 February 2011, the Bureau of Immigration ordered the deportation of 14 Taiwanese nationals to China to face prosecution for their alleged participation in massive credit card fraud allegedly committed in China.

Taiwan, through its Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO), expressed its displeasure at the actions taken by the Philippine Government by immediately recalling its representative in Manila. It has also ordered the strict enforcement of screening procedures for Filipinos desiring to work in Taiwan and even withdrawn the visa-free treatment of Taiwan-bound Filipinos.

Taiwan’s understandable “display of discontent”, it has declared, would only be reconsidered on condition of the Philippines’ display of goodwill.
Thus, we are sponsoring Senate Resolution No. 379, which calls for a Senate inquiry on this matter. Because of the fairly equivocal statement from the Taiwanese Government, there is a fair chance for us to make amends. Hence, the Filipino people have the right to know immediately what remedial measures have so far been taken, or are being planned, by our Department of Foreign Affairs, to show our goodwill and appease the Taiwanese Government. This is especially so knowing that the interests of our fellow Overseas Filipino Workers and Filipino tourists hang in the balance until and unless we bring our ties with Taiwan back to its normal, friendly, congenial state.