Sen. Bongbong Marcos: On the Need to Give Philippine Ballet Its Rightful Governmental Recognition and Support and Its Place in the Philippine Culture

10 February 2011

Ballet Philippines Foundation, Inc. (Ballet Philippines), South East Asia’s longest-running dance repertory, founded by Alice Reyes and Eddie Elejar, has been expressing art and Filipino culture through dance for the past 41 years. The Philippines’ oldest professional company, Ballet Philippines is the acknowledged premiere dance company of the country, sweeping local and international awards and performing in many artistic and diplomatic events, both here and abroad.

Ballet Philippines has reaped international and local acclaim and has been the staging ground for the successful careers of dance luminaries such as Denisa Reyes, Edna Vida, Nonoy Froilan, Cecile Sycangco, Lisa Macuja and currently, Candica Adea, who won silver medal in what is considered the “Olympics of dance” in Jacksonville, USA.

The dancers and choreographers of this prestigious group have won many awards and continue to bring the country recognition and honor. It has also produced the highest number of dancers performing in international companies. Today, former members continue to perform in Hong Kong, Vienna, Germany, Macau and the US, for diverse companies such as the famed Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taiwan, the Het National Ballet of Netherlands and even in productions of Disney and Cirque de Soleil among others.

At present, Ballet Philippines has scholarship programs that already support 100-200 dancers annually, including regional scholars to the summer dance workshop, its scholars in the regular school year and more than 20 dancers in its collegiate program.

This year, Ballet Philippines celebrates its 41st season of professional productions at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. It is the country’s flagship dance company in ballet and modern dance, producing the highest number of artists and original works.

After 41 years as a resident company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, where it has the distinction of being the first company named as such in 1976, Ballet Philippines and its programs have proven its effectiveness and continued relevance.

It is because of the foregoing reasons that we filed Senate Bill No. 2679, which seeks to designate Ballet Philippines as the Philippine National Ballet Company, as our way of affirming its legacy to Philippine dance as a learning institution, producer and treasury of original Filipino creative work in dance and music.
With the much-needed support of the Government committed with permanency, through legislation, the shining future of Ballet Philippines is secured and it will likewise empower it to fulfill its mission towards the development of a professional, world-class Filipino dance company.