Sen. Bongbong Marcos Leads the Opening Prayer During the Plenary Session Today

5 September 2012

bbm_prayerLet us place ourselves in the presence of the Lord:

Dear God, as we go through another phase of our legislative work, always guide our intellects and our hearts. Make us both receptive and sensitive to the political ideas and opinions of our fellow Senators. Remind us of the reality that although we are diverse in our views and our advocacies, we are one and united towards pursuing lasting progress and prosperity for the Philippines, that we all strive to ensure the welfare of our citizenry for whom we have committed to serve.

Dear God, instill in us always, in our thoughts and in our deeds, the sense of responsibility to the Filipino people. Enlighten us always that we may perform our duties with transparency, industry and integrity. Let us not be swayed by personal interests or be influenced by biased and self-serving counsel.

Dear God, as we go to fulfill our mandate to legislate laws aimed at uplifting lives and safeguarding the interests of our citizens, always make us remember that all this is to make true our commitment to nation-building that will eventually redound to the growth and development of our Filipino nation.

All these we pray and thank You, our Almighty Father.