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Sen. Bongbong Marcos challenges engineering graduates to take an active role in nation building

Press Releases
15 April 2013

2013-04-10Bulacan State University Commencement Exercises0059Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. has urged the 2013 graduates of engineering course to contribute their newly found knowledge to nation building towards a better future for all Filipinos.

Marcos hurled the challenge in his speech during the commencement exercises of the Bulacan State University, College of Engineering in Malolos City last April 10.

As new engineers, he said he expected the graduates to have their careers in the private and public sector.

“As you move on, you will have to make your own choices and commitments in your respective professions! As it was for other generations, it now falls on you to meet the challenge of passing on a better country to those who will come after you,” he said.

The senator reminded the graduates that while many of them worked hard to earn a college degree in the hope of getting a job to help lift their families from poverty, they should also consider it their mission to contribute their skills and knowledge for the benefit of others and for the entire nation as well.

“Earning and making money is not all there is to life,” Marcos said.

Quoting the great management teacher Rosabeth Moss Cantor, Marcos reminded the graduates that “money should never be separated from its mission.”

“Detached from its values, it can indeed be the root of all evil, as we are always reminded. But linked effectively to a social purpose, it can be the root of opportunity that could branch out into more abundant fruits.”

The senator also told the engineering graduates of the Bulacan State University that the value of perseverance, not just sheer talent, is the key to success.

He recounted the story of the husband and wife tandem of Pierre and Marie Curie’s quest for Radium and the hundreds of failed experiments they conducted for the purpose.

After their 487th experiment failed, Pierre exclaimed in despair that “it can’t be done” and that if it could, it may take a hundred years to do it.

Undeterred, Madame Curie answered: “If it takes a hundred years it will be a pity, but I dare not do less than work for it as long as I live.” In the next few experiments they discovered radium.

“Throughout our history, our nation has always been carried forward by our people and our values and led by our forebears and heroes! We have risen many times from the greatest trials and adversities by caring for one another, and holding on with tenacity,” Marcos said.