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Sen. Bongbong Marcos: Aquino has Selective Application of Justice

Press Releases
22 November 2011

QUESTION: Sir reaction lang sa GMA arrest. Do you think there is really persecution against in the Arroyo family?

SEN. BONGBONG MARCOS: Well I think, if you remember is was a stated campaign propose of then Sen. Aquino that he would go after all the wrong doing that were suspected of government offices and it had been that it was referred to the administration of then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and that is something the been pursued quite vigorously. So it is at a very least consistent that was the declared policy of this administration.

I was in opposition during the presidency of President Arroyo and so it had also been my view many of the abuses and wrongdoing that occured during her presidency should be accounted for. However, it is also dismay to see that order of the Supreme Court is no longer respected or followed. This strikes at the very heart of our legal system and if the president and his alter egoes which are the secretaries of the different departments choose whether or not to follow the SC then that is a very serious blow to the separation and equality of the different department of government, namely the executive, judiciary and legislature. So malaking problema at malaking gulo ito kung hindi na sumusunod ang executive sa isang branch of government which is the judiciary , papaano na yan? Parang pinalitan na natin ang ating buong sistema kaya kailangan nagting pag-aralan nang mabuti kung ano ang mga mangyayari sa susunod na ilang araw pagsagot ni Sec De Lima sa SC tungkol sa kanyang mga ginawa sa hindi pagsunod sa order ng SC. As I said, this is cuts from the very heart of our political system. The definition of which starts with the separate but equal stature of the three branches of government.

Question: Sa tingin nyo may mali doon sa timing at speed ng pag-filed ng case kase yun ang talagang binabatikos?

SEN. MARCOS: Maliwanag talaga na minadali dahil para makapag-issue ng arrest warrant to get around the TRO that the SC issued. Kung ang ating habol dito ay matiyak na ang dating pangulo ay masagot niya ang m ga pananagutan nya dito sa mga katiwalian sa kanyang administrasyon ay maliwanag na ‘yun ang kanilang ginawa ay minadali talaga. Whether or not the process of filing the case--kung sinundan naman ang tamang proseso eh kahit mabilis ay wala tayong masasabi, pero tingnan natin kung yun proseso ay sinundan nga ng tama.

Question: Sir sa nakikita ninyong treatment na binibigay sa dating pangulo, sa tingin ninyo ay nararapat lamang sa kanya? Yun hospital arrest...?

SEN. MARCOS: Ginagawa naman yan sa marami, hindi lamang dito sa mga kasong hinaharap dito sa Senado kundi pati sa iba’t ibang kaso. Kung talaga namang maysakit at may pangangailangan sa pagtingin ng kanilang doctor ay pumapayag naman sa ospital arrest. This is something that has been established for a long time.

Question: Sir ginigipit ba g kasalukuyang administration si pangulong Arroyo?

SEN. MARCOS: Talagang ginigipit. They want to prosecute her and they are doing everything to do so but again there is also this sense of compassion that sometimes should be exercised by the government. Hindi maliwanag sa akin na hindi babalik si GMA kapag siya’y nakaalis. I don’t know why they have to be so officious about not allowing her to travel abroad because it would seem to me na kahit na saan siya pupunta kung talagang kailangan siyang pabalikin, there are legal remedies for that, so that she can be extradited back to the Philippines.

QUESTION: Personally sir, nakikisimpatya ka bas a dating president?

SEN. MARCOS: Well anyone who is ill, I have sympathy for. I wish that the medical issue did not arrive but it has nevertheless as has been mentioned many times, the wheels of justice sometimes grind very slowly but grind very well so we shall be able to see what the judicial process will bring us.

QUESTION: In general how do you assess yun paghahandle ni PNoy doon sa case ni GMA?

SEN. MARCOS: It’s a bit of a mess. Hindi maayos ang kanilang paghandle dito. Unang-una, kung nais nilang i-prosecute, i-hold order halimbawa si President GMA bakit hindi sila nag-file ng kaso ng mas maaga. It’s all been One year and 6 months na naka-upo na si President Aquino bakit ang tagal-tagal bago kinasuhan. Kung kinasuhan ng maaga at sinasabi naman nila na n apakaraming ebidensya, kung kinasuhan nila ng maaga eh lahat ng gulong ito ay hindi nangyari dahil nasampahan na ng kaso. Meron na siyang hold order, hindi na seguro kailangan pang mag-isyu ng hold order dahil nandito sya and in that case, hindi yata nila napag-isipan at napagplanuhan ng maigi kung ano ang kanilang gagawin. That seems to reflect the general difficulties that this administration has been facing.

As I said, masyadong magulo itong kanilang ginawa. Hindi nila napag-isipan. Hindi nila napag-planuhan and I know for sure that it could have been done in a much better way.

Question: Sir hindi pa ligtas si Sec. De Lima sa pagsuway at hindi pagsunod sa Supreme Court?

SEN. MARCOS: Simple lang yan. May order ang Supreme Court. Hindi nila sinundan ang order. Maliwanag na maliwanag. Yan ang problema dito, kung hindi ganoon ang sitwasyon, kung walang TRO at pagkatapos ng pag-issue ng TRO ng SC, kung hindi na-isyu ang TRO ang Supreme Court, kung hindi natigil ang pagbyahe ni GMA—labag nga sa order ng Supreme Court , ay hindi tayo magkakagulo. There was a way to do this properly and I am just a little bit surprised that none of the legal advisers who claimed to be brilliant legal minds and were able to figured it out and in the end we ended up with this mess which is bringing us slowly to a constitutional crisis.

Question: Is it enough a ground to impeach the president?

SEN. MARCOS: Well, depende yan. Right now , there is talk of impeachment but I don’t think that the ground have yet been discussed in a great detail. May Move nga sa House, may nag-file pero walang mag-endorse na Congressman so I don’t know if that will prosper.

Question: Sir did you think that the administration is getting personal?

SEN. MARCOS: Yes. The administration is and has been getting very personal.

Question: Lalo na sa inyo sir?

SEN. MARCOS: Kasama na din kami doon.

Question: Sir what can you say on Aquino administration...?

SEN. MARCOS: They are very selective in their application of justice. They are very selective in their application of the use of the power of the executive and that selection is accordance with the political and partisan lines